Flores & Komodo

Nature and Beauty

Flores is a fascinating, mountainous and remarkably beautiful island. An island of the sublime multihued crater lakes of Kelimutu, countless of terrific beaches and heavenly earth of underwater life.

The most famous tourist attraction in Flores is Kelimutu; three coloured lakes in the district of Ende and close to the town of Moni. These crater lakes are in the caldera of a volcano and fed by a volcanic gas source resulting in highly acidic water.

Another important highlight is the Komodo dragons, the world´s heaviest living lizards. The distribution of Komodo dragons is restricted to the Lesser Sunda Islands of Rinca, Komodo, Flores and the smaller islands of Gili, Montang and Padar.

There are good snorkelling and diving locations along the north coast of Flores, most notably Maumere and Riung.
Labuanbajo (on the western tip of Flores) is a town often used by tourists, from where they can visit Komodo and Rinca. Labuanbajo also attracts scuba divers, as whale sharks inhabit the waters.

Whether you want to feel the presence of the prehistoric Komodo dragon or having overland journey towards Labuan Bajo, Ruteng, Bajawa, Riung, Moni and Maumere or even further to Larantuka to admire the nature and its culture. You may find that Flores has so much than what it could be describe.

Flores and Komodo, where heaven touches nature.
Bali beach

The Komodo dragon
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Flores & Komodo
Nature and Beauty

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