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Enjoy this magnificent beach just for yourself. We guarantee nobody else will reach it.
In Komodo  you can enjoy a level of remoteness and tranquility rarely found anywhere else on the planet. Home of the world´s most pristine reefs, Komodo Island offers what many claim to be the "best diving in the world."
Indonesia has more marine diversity than anywhere on earth.
Sunset in Raja Ampat
The Raja Ampat translates as ´four kings´, and describes the four groups of islands around the Bird´s Head Peninsula of West Papua in Indonesia: Waigeo in the North, Batanta, Salawati and Misool to the South.
"This area which occupies the extreme end of
Diving Borneo: Nabucco Island
Wampu River, rafting adventure
The islands of Wakatobi are blessed with white sand beaches and pristine water
The Komodo dragon is also known as Varanus komodoensis
Raja Ampat has a startling diversity of habitats to explore.
White sand beach in Gili Islands
Indonesia: one of the best diving destinations all over the world
Magnificient underwater life in Indonesia
Sulawesii has worldwide attention for its quality dives
Wakatobi  National Marine Park: the”Underwater Nirwana”
Indonesian  National Parks  have very high marine resource potential, in terms of both species and uniqueness, with enchanting submarine landscapes.
Bali: traditional ceremony
Traditional Balinese Ceremony in Kuta
Balinese offerings
Traditional dances of Bali
Bali rice terraces
Bali, land of Gods
Traditional Barong Dance
Traditional Balinese Ceremony
The greatest diversity of coral reef fish in the world are found in Indonesia
Rinjani Trekking Summit (3726M)
Komodo National Park
Bajawa - Flores (red crater)
Komodo National Park
The Komodo dragon
The Komodo dragon is found in Komodo and Rinca Islands
Jogjakarta hand made craft
Handicraft maker in Jogjakarta
Gili Trawangan
Gili Trawangan
Gili Trawangan
Gili Trawangan
Mount Bromo: hike to the rim
Mount Bromo, one of the most attractive volcanoes of Indonesia
Mount Bromo
Gili Trawangan
Our tours feature the natural environment and wildlife of Borneo
Berastagi: Sibayak volcano
Amazing nature of Sumatra
Harau Valley (Sumatra)
Bukittinggi (West Sumatra)
Lake Toba
Batak ethnic
Lake Toba: traditional house
Sipiso-piso waterfall (North Sumatra)
Berastagi: Sibayak volcano
Sunset on Sumatra
Gunung Leuser National Park
Discover your wild side on a trip deep into the Borneo rainforest
The Sumatran Elephants, the smallest of the Asian elephants
A unique   and exclsuive ride on your ow elephant  through  the Sumatran Rainforests
Cubadak island
Cubadak island
Mentawai local indigenous
Mentawai Tribe, the indigenous people of Siberut Island
Discover the incredible cultural heritage of Mentawai Tribe
Lake Maninjau
Lake Maninjau
Lake Toba
Kelimutu Volcano
Batak village
Amazing sunset at Sengkang
Lake Tempe (South Sulawesi)
Pinishi Boat made by Buginese
South Sulawesi: Bira
Gili Trawangan
Bira Beach
Tentena waterfall (Central Sulawesi)
The nature of Sulawesi will surpise you
The sulphur mine of  Kawah Ijen  in Java Island, one of the biggest craters lakes in the world
Amazing view from the top of Kawah Ijen Volcano
Local fisher in Sengkang
Tana Toraja traditional village
Toraja traditional House
Torajan farmer
Tana Toraja: funeral ceremony
Tana Toraja: lush agriculture land
West Papua
West Papua
Rinjani Trekking
Bird Market in Jogjakarta
Prambanan Temple Compunds is  characterised by its tall and pointed architecture, typical of Hindu temple architecture, and by the 47m high central building inside a large complex of individual temples.
Jogjakarta: Traditional three-wheeled and pedal-powered cart, known as becak
Mount Bromo
Central Java
Borneo: traditional boat (klotok)
Tanjung Puting National Park
Borobudur Temple
Apart from its amazing architecture, Borobudur has an extra attraction because of its location. It is located in an elavated area between two twin volcanos and two rivers in Mageland, Central Java, Indonesia.
Borobudur Temple has 504 Buddha Statues in it with a main central dome situated at the center of the top platform.
Bromo Volcano is noted for its spectacular sunrises  and majestic views
Tana Toraja: the spectacular beauty of nature
Tana Toraja, high in the mountains near the center of Sulawesi, is one of the few places in Indonesia where you can still see a unique culture that keeps its traditions alive
Tana Toraja, one of the most splendid areas in Indonesia.
Safely protected beyond the lofty mountains and rugged granite cliffs of the central highlands of the island of Sulawesi, are the Toraja people who live in valleys that are lush with green rice terraces and fertile coffee plantations.
The friendly of the Sulawesi People, the local flora, fauna, and untouched beaches, are the highlights of this unique located.
Sulawesi: Limbong Trekking
Adventure in Indonesia
In Sulawesi you will experience how communities have through the ages sustained their beliefs and traditions in splendid isolation in order to survive this eternal cycle of life and death on earth.
Tana Toraja
The culturally distinctive Torajans are perhaps most well known for their elaborate death rituals, which includes funerals that can last for several days, followed by burials in rock tombs.
Tana Toraja is attractive by its unique culture and  rituals,
The Togian Islands
Togian Islands
The Togian Islands, one of the last untouched places in the world.
Togian Islands
Togian Islands
The best known animals in Tanjung Puting are the orangutans, made famous through the long-term efforts of the Orangutan Research and Conservation Program (predecessor to OFI), based at the landmark Camp Leakey research station.
Beatiful view atop Mount Rinjani
Sunset at Prambanan Temple
Prambanan Temple Compounds is the largest Hindu temple complex in Indonesia and one of the largest Hindu temples in south-east Asia.
Prambanan Temple complex dates from the 10th century, and is dedicated to Shiva.
West Papua (Irian Jaya)
West Papua (Irian Jaya)
West Papua (Irian Jaya)
Lake Santani (West Papua)
The Korowais (West Papua)
The Korowais (West Papua)
The Korowais (West Papua)
Korowais House Tree (West Papua)
Kawah Ijen: worker in crater
Sulfer workers on Kawah Ijen
Workers are extracting sulphur inside Kawa Ijen crater.
Sunset at Borneo
Tanjung Puting (Borneo) also boasts the bizarre looking proboscis monkey with its “Jimmy Durante” nose as well as seven other primate species.
The Asmat
The Asmat are a Melanesian people who live within the Indonesian province of Irian Jaya
Borneo Sunset
Borneo: Seykoner river
Borneo tour : you will have a unique experience on the klotok (river boat) on the Sekonyer river
Borneo Orangutan
Bira Beach
Romantic dinner
Sunset in Wakatobi
West Papua, local tribe
Baliem Valley (West Papua)
Scuba Diving in Bira Beach
Traditional dance
Sunset at one of the nice Lombok beaches
Bali rice terraces
Bali (Ubud)
Bali (Ubud)
Bali beach
Relax in Bali
Suara Air Luxury Villa Ubud, one of the most charming hotels in the area
Borneo wildlife
Bali beach
Nusa Dua (Bali)
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